It's really hard to write about oneself.  If I was told I would be attempting a blog, I would have said are you kidding me? Me? A blog, no way?  So I thought I would document having my girls, sharing many firsts for my husband and I as parents and especially for my girls.  Well it didn't quite pan out that way, I blogged here and there since 2010.   Working full time and juggling kids and a long commute each day, I always made excuses, I can give you a ton, like "I'm too busy I need to cut my grass with a nail clipper".  However, the comeback to that and honest truth is: we make time for what IS important to us. 

I am a freelance makeup artist, crafter, I love DIY stuff, entrepreneur, I love good deals and the clearance sections.  With a fashion design background I tend to always look for good quality fabrics, tailored looks and classic silhouettes are my favorites.

This blog is dedicated to my fashion sense, favorite pieces, loves and likes, to being a busy mom and not always having everything figured out, to dreaming big and loving hard, to simple things, to big style, to living life with a purpose and not seeking perfection.  When you try hard to be perfect, to fit in, to be liked, to be popular, you loose sight of who you truly are.  Be you, be good, be humble, love, share peace, share joy, be genuine and don't burn yourself out trying to be someone you're not.  Find  your flow and all the negativity: LET IT GO!  One of my favorite quotes is from Tony Robbins: "Perfection is the absolute lowest standard you can have for yourself, because it's impossible to attain".

Here's to my little blog!!!

Love, Gabriela

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