Tuesday, June 28, 2016

She rises


She rises 2016 | Dolby theater in Hollywood |

Holly Wagner, co-Pastor from Oasis Church in Los Angeles is the host and the founder of GodChicks, she has written many books on marriage, relationships and her most recent book "Find your brave" on how to find your brave in the midst of adversity when you feel the waves crashing in on you. 

^ My first time at Urth cafe and I had to take a picture of this yummy green tea latte my friend ordered.  


Louie Giglio was an awesome
speaker, dedicated husband and Pastor, not only was his message really good , but he was funny and so kind hearted.  I totally teared up more than a few times.  
Holly mentioned one of his messages at the conference, it's got tons of views, you can watch it

We had an awesome lunch Saturday and this refreshing non alcoholic cooler at Cabo Wabo was beyond yummy! 



Great worship music by the Oasis worship team and it was such an awesome treat to sing along and worship with songs by Hillsong Young and Free who came to She rises 2016 all the way from Australia (wow!) 
Here was an awesome solo, called sinking deep, take a 


It's been an honor to attend for the 2nd time and be surrounded by my good friends, strong and inspiring women in my life.  Love them to pieces. 

This event brings so many women from across the world, from all walks of life to become one, all united in God's love.  On a mission to lift each other, laugh, cry, get inspired, promote change, unity, and more importantly to hear the word of God and change the world.

So many good messages, I could have been writing so many good notes, too many pictures oportunuies I missed too, but I decided to just take it all in and focus, it was all about the moment and all about God. 

This is all folks, one thing though: God loves you! 

Hope this is inspiring to some of you and please don't hesitate to share this link with friends and family, with the ladies from your local church 
she rises it's truly worth it and it's really a great time to spend with yourself, your thoughts, to conquer fears in your head, to open up, let yourself become vulnerable and just accept God's love.  I encourage you to get a group of your friends who love God or maybe have never experienced God's love. Bring them!

Amazing photo of Hillsong Young and Free performing. Picture captured by:
Oasis Church

A few of my favorite worship songs:
set a fire

I leave you with this random picture I took while we walked on Hollywood Blvd making our way back to the Dolby Theater.  This picture is so unrelated, but simply reminded me of a dear friend whom I love very much... She knows who she is. Hey ONJ fan this one is for you. 




  1. I definitely will make it next year. LOVE the song, Sinking Deep! First time listening to it :)...thanks for sharing!<3 xo

    1. Yes! You will definitely love it! The song is so good, I bought it on iTunes and the girls and I have been playing it. Great lyrics.

  2. Thank you for the ON-J mention. I love you too! :)

    1. Of course, I said to my friend "hold on I need to take a picture of this" to send to my friend who loves ON-J.

  3. Amazing time with amazing Amigas! xo

  4. Amazing time with amazing Amigas. xo

  5. Awesome blog!! Can't wait for next year, amiga! ;)

    1. Thank you! You're so sweet! Me too can't wait and thanks for inviting me again this year! ;)


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