Thursday, June 23, 2016

When in DTSA


The adventure began before 8am, stumbled across Café Calacas as I was on the hunt down for some good coffee and to be specific, yes... Café de olla. 

Found it and was not dissapointed, everything in here makes you want to stay in here for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Inviting and welcoming atmosphere.  The Art Deco style buildings and pedestrian friendly streets lined with beautiful trees and greenery make DTSA a cool place to be and especially early in the morning when you need to charge on caffeine for the day.


This picture above and the one below.  Insert smiling emoji here.  I just love lighting fixtures that are unique and are made with wrought iron. 

I wish I owned these chairs... 


The walls, the tables and chairs, the clean lines and contemporary feel make this place warm and inviting.


Si no hay café para mi, no hay café para nadie.
^^ so true! Loved everything about this place.

Erick and Sergio (not pictured in the post) were the nicest guys, helpful, welcoming and very attentive to the customers.


Such a cool wall, just looking at it makes me hungry specially te "cajeta" part. 

This place had a little bit of everything and absolutely loved this part of the "Padre nuestro" prayer on their wall.  

The restroom= super cool! How awesome is the tiling here? DTSA on the wall was pretty cool, right? Being that this café is on the first floor of the West End historic theater built in the early 1900's, this place has lots of history and smack down - in downtown SA 

Smitten by the Frida Kahlo tiles.  These are bathroom goals guys, how awesome is this. 


Character, character, character... You can tell what type of place you're at by the way they keep up their restrooms.  At least that's something I've come up with and observed over the years.  The fact that there is so much character and cleanliness all over the place is such a bonus.  


That's me in my work attire, don't mind the legs that need a major tan.  (SMH) 

Walking back to work, this little gem café visit had to be cut short, I will definitely be back to enjoy their food, and pan Dulce and cups and more cups of café de olla.

Hope you visit and enjoy Café Calacas as much as I did. 


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