Friday, June 28, 2013

How she does it

Finding time nowadays to get stuff done like doing my nails seems a bit ambitious. But today I gave it a try while my toddler watched the Lion King (for the hundredth time) and the baby was napping after a good feeding.  It wasn't long before my little break was over and life kicked in, my toddler needed help in the bathroom then the baby woke up crying by the loud sound of the dropping toilet lid. Anyway, I took this picture after the 3rd time of re-painting them.  Third time is a charm, they're not perfect but look manicured (I think).  I've been a nail biter my whole life, this past January marked my one year anniversary that I stopped the biting cold turkey.  That's hardcore quitting!  I'd had enough of my ugly nails.  I like keeping them short and although I don't paint them as often as I wish, I do like to keep them neat.  I'm wearing the color Carey by Zoya, it's a pretty gray.  I know it's summer time and I could choose a much brighter color but I like mixing it up, I may wear bright colors for a change.  

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