Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Promises, promises + red cups

Been Keeping promises, since I could remember but these little promises of Starbucks runs and making time for my oldest are truly important to her and to me.  What does it involve? Waking up even earlier than usual.  They're really her idea, So means she's got to wake up earlier, and no fussing about it or we just can't go... The promises go both ways, she promises to wake up in a good mood, to brush her teeth, and no whining.  Because she gets her vanilla steamer and keeping the eye on the prize is what's important here.  she wants to be a big girl so bad and I want her to stop saying that, wish I could keep her this little forever, after each starbucks date she says "you're the best mommy ever, now you had coffee mami you're ready for work too" awwww I just melt.  She walks in like she owns the place, the baristas think she's super cool. She spells her name for them So they get it right... With A at the end not an E.  She makes sure they write her name on the cup. No doubt about that... 

I let her order and she makes small talk with folks. "Are you going to work too? How's your drink?" Omg! Cracks me up because she so wants to be in the conversations.  One saturday morning while justin and GC asleep we snuck out to get coffee, we sat there as this father and son played chess and she watched them very carefully, the father said "come sit with us" so we sat closer, he explained the game to her.  Super proud of the little lady she is.  If everything I work for and everything I stand for is creating this little active mind, showing her how stuff works, manners, social skills, showing respect and appreciation for little things, then I'm not doing so bad.  Wish I could be in that little mind to see the world through her eyes.  So inquisitive and smart. So caring and funny.  Wish we could enjoy these days forever, waking up early and having little conversations.  They really make her whole week and she feels so big and accomplished.  Love it.  

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