Monday, April 18, 2016

Greatest Gift

Greatest gift ever has been being a mommy to these adorable, caring and smart little girls.  Love them to pieces.  It's amazing how much they learn and how much they have grown, making it feel like I wasn't the real me before having them.  I often wonder what did we do before kids? Was my life really meaningful or did I start really living and experiencing every emotion there is when I became a mom.  I struggle with the idea of having more babies.  Maybe one more? I just don't know.  With a busy schedule and long commute it's hard to imagine throwing another little one into the chaos.  I still wouldn't change it for a thing, my girls and my hubby are my world and the greates gift.  So looking back almost 3 years ago, I had Giuliana on a Sunday via cesarean and the Dr. Didn't have a clue that that Sunday was actually Mother's Day as well.  So it was a such a special Mother's Day for me as I got the sweetest gift of all to be a mom again. My oldest came in December and so she was my Christmas present sent from God. ;)  any way you slice it, today is today, this is life and we thank God for every moment.  
This picture was taken yesterday after church because they love Sunday school and we love that they love Sunday school, Sunday's are special for us. 

Peace out! What's your Sunday like? 

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