Thursday, May 19, 2016

Love them, but can't always have them...

I love flowers and plants but I pretty much kill everything, not really my forte but sometimes I try.  I end up feeling bad when I purchase fresh flowers because I take them home to die.  They don't know they die a slow death, they do their job by making everything look pretty, fresh and they have beautiful aromas (which come with a price later, Self inflicting pain: let the allergies begin) I love flowers so much that I don't like bringing them home so often for the reasons stated above.  But when I do I buy tons (usually for parties and making little arrangements.  I am not a pro nor do I claim to be a flower conosiure I see what I see and if the colors appeal to me I buy them.  Simple.  Oh and I'm on a budget too so I tend to stay under $50.00 for any occasion.  I like to go to the flower mart in Downtown LA and I like to get the deals there. I'm in and out in less than 15 min and they guy where I've been going a few years now already recognizes me.  He says "Otra fiesta?" For those of you non-spanish-speaking he says "another party?" And yes, he knows exactly what I need and always gives me a deal.  No need to waste time and look at every shop, I don't even remember his name.  Chances are I will forget it if he again anyway.  I'm sure it starts with an R... Ramon, Ramiro, Rodolfo, Rafael.. Something like that. Super nice and respectable business man, in the flower business his whole life.  With that said. I leave you with this beautiful picture, unfiltered, a beauty that only our God can engineer and to know that He made us all as unique as a flower and all different a snow flake.  There's major love in that! 

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  1. Lol die a slow death. Love these Gabby. Keep writing, you're good at it! Love you gabs


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