Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The folks that garden together stay together

Let me start by saying that when my parents are out of town I dread going to their house to water the plants, not because it's hard or because it's far.  It's because they have a SHIT load of plants, differnt kinds, different sizes, fruit trees from guavas, mangos, papaya, lemons, oranges, avocados, oranges, pomegranate and I'm sure I am missing something else.  So it takes forever! And then how much water to give each chili plant!? which are super delicate in my experience because I've killed a few.  But with all of this said even though it's like a mini jungle, it's chaotic looking to me, but somehow it's beautiful and relaxing.  

I think roses are beautiful when they are in a vase, I'm not crazy at all about rose bushes.  I just don't know why? When my husband and I bought our first home it had three rose bushes, they were the first thing to go.  And they came back each year or each season and never gave any roses.  

Both my parents love plants and trees, think I made that clear.  I on the other the hand love to look at them in a nicely manicured yard but don't want the upkeep and plus we are in a drought right?  They sometimes complain that they have so much yard work to do, the plants this and that... Bla bla... But they love it! Right? They have to love it?  They do that together, that's their thing, they just find enjoyment in pruning, caring and watching their garden grow.  That's gotta be love.  They love it.  I wish I loved it, I wish something in me found nurturing trees and plants so much fun.  Is it the hectic lives we live? is it by the time you get home it's almost time to leave again?   Those are goal my friend to garden with my hubby and sip on coffee in the backyard porch "just because" we are tending to our garden.  Wow! Inspiring.

I leave you with these beautiful pictures of a plant they call "crown of Christ" now this is a gorgeous plant/flower and the color is amazing. 

I would love to take that mini cactus home but it would die too, I'd forget to water it and well let's just say I'm
Not the best at peeling the nopales.  But oh my do I love to eat nopales.  

 These are just some that they have in pots, maybe one day I'll do a post of the massive trees and greenery.  


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  1. I'll trade you some blackberries for some avocados Hehe ;)...it is a lot of work; very time consuming, but admiring the beauty of your garden is all worth it!


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