Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Independence Day

4th of July is right around the corner and like every year, I want to craft, make pretty things, hang red, white and blue decor to celebrate our nation's birthday.  And well... It comes and it goes so quick, for example I should be working on my Christmas decor and ideas. I think a few months ahead of the game is a good timeline for someone like me who works full time, add commute time to the equation = another full time job. Etc., etc. etc..... you get the picture: I'm full of excuses. 


Sometimes we just have to live vicariously through Pinterest! Right?  Like these mason jars above, been on my list of things to paint.  I have tons of mason jars. Maybe one day. 

This little image of God bless America was all done by yours truly... Easy, open and app, add some pretty stuff and boom! You got this cute image.  You can shrink the writing to make it smaller, send to a printer and cut it like a banner, add some cord, ribbon or twine to it and boom! I think I like saying boom. BOOM!

Like this picture below, you can make a banner out of paper, fabric, plastic plates, ribbons, you name it. 


How cool are these socks!!! 


My patio. Just kidding.

Beautiful picture above and below! Just awesome shots.  I take no credit, no, no señor. All Pinterest images here. 


And how can I leave out some heavy on food coloring - desserts: I love them but can you imaging the stains on your or your kids clothes?  Not cute. What goes up must come down, or is it, what goes in must come out? I don't know you figure it out after having some of this cake. 


Now fruit is what I'm talking about:


These look so good. 


This quote is everything! 


Happy 4th of July! What ever you do be safe and handle all firecrackers with care and remember even the sparkles will burn the heck out of you. 

Note: sparklers and polyester don't mix well. 

Disclaimer: All images are from
Pinterest (except the last one and the God bless America image) all views and opinions my own. That's all folks! God Bless!


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