Saturday, August 27, 2016


This week was rough, we are all under the weather, lots of over the counter meds, a trip to Kaiser, my hubby and I both sick too: sinus issues, head colds, chest colds, all kinds of colds... Ugh you get the picture.

This week really went on a little too long.  Thankful we get to sleep in and rest, no one rushing to work, doing drops offs.  We can all sleep in and try to rest it off some more.  

Hats off to all the moms out there, sucks when we are sick right?  We get no pitty, so special treatment, life must go on and we have to tend to the rest.  The day I stayed home from work, I had to wake up early because the demanding 3 year old needs her banana and milk shake... And it's blended with a spoonful of honey and oh... And it must be strained because God forbid you forget.... "No, no señorita" or as she likes to call me "mamacita" when she's sarcastic... Yep it MUST be strained, otherwise a chunk of banana might not go through the PINK straws.  Well at least she knows what she likes and it's healthy so I can't complain, she's been having more than 8oz a day with a full or half a banana in each shake.  So yes, to say the least: taking a sick day to get some rest and get well turns into a whole day of work when you got kids.  I mean non stop.  

One of the nights that I was feeling horrible I had to make the trek out to LAX to pick up my parents.  It was a pleasant drive (NOT) I was so stuffed I could barely even breathe I had a fever and was just miserable.  I hardly made small talk or any talk because I couldn't really... One of those times when all you can do is breathe through your nose type of deals, head pounding, at a max with all the over the counter shit, enough not to damage the liver.. You know do not exceed a certain amount in 24 hrs... That kind of stuff I'm really afraid of so I try to watch it, take it, but just enough not to cause damage elsewhere.  

Before I made my way to the airport I stopped at a coffee bean & tea leaf for my favorite medicine bag (tea)  If you haven't tried it, it's a must.  It's a blend of peppermint tea and chamomile tea and more; just soothing goodness in a cup.  I've ordered it for many years as the medicine bag and it's just awesome. 

|Coffee bean run|
|the medicine bag| 

That cup of coffee on the left there... Just thought it would be nice to get a cup for my dad the coffee drinker.  After he drank it on the way home.  
He asked where I got it? 
I said "where they sell coffee"... 
Why does he care to know the place? 
He said "well it wasn't that good" 
I said "well you're welcome" & big sticky note to self "don't pick up strangers at airports"
Just kidding: come on... You didn't believe that did you?  No I totally meant... Don't pick up "bad coffee" for my dad next time I get him at LAX and I'm dying of the worst sinus infection/chest cold/head cold/fever and happen stop by to get me some tea and a nice "welcome back pops - kind of coffee" yeah no I shouldn't get coffee anymore.  Ugh... You can imagine how I felt.  Some people just don't know the little things.  It's hard for me to sometimes see the little things.  The little things are the big things (insert screaming emoji here) 

 |back from LAX - temp was going down|

|my night cap - close to midnight| 

...because I circled LAX one too many times while waiting: because arrival time is never arrival time!  
(Note to self: go back to my old ways when I would make their arrival time "my" departure time to head out to LAX). 

Sometimes change is not good guys... Some ole tricks actually "Do the trick" 

To end this sickness filled week/post on a positive note, I did love and cherish the time with my family and although I wish we weren't all under the weather, we were still all safe under one roof.  I cared for them, fed them, and gave kisses and air hugs from afar to try to lessen the contamination risk (too late) and although no one offered to rub my back with  
Vapor Rub I tried myself, got the chest right, my own back rub with the Vicks ended up in my hair really, and then accidentally in my eye.  You would think I'm a newbie in the Vicks business... But anyhow, thankful for everyone who's wished us health and have been patient and understanding with us.  

One more thing.  The day I was off (RESTING!) I made the best chicken soup with brown rice I've ever made. Hands down! (The rice was at the bottom of the bowl) I even had 2 maybe 3 servings. The little redness in the center of the bowl is chile chipotle sauce from a can. Gave it an extra flavor and kick to it. 

I'd give you the recipe but then I'd have to kill. LOL!


I will not kill you
I am just too lazy to keep typing the recipe
You get the picture - it's late (early) 1:11 am 

Have a blessed night!  If you're a mom out there juggling all kinds of stuff - one breath at a time, one day at a time.  You got this, we can do it.  We strive for a purpose, not perfection.  


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