Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Busy is good

We have been busy to say the least the last few months, lots of changes, lots of new experiences that's for sure.  Transitioned from kinder to 1st grade, from private to public school.  It's been good changes all around, thankful that things are falling into place.  

We embarked on a journey last year and started our own business.  If you've read a few posts ago you'll know this isn't my first rodeo at owning a business.  This came to us at a time I had just shut down my previous "side gig" so I was not in the market to add something new to my plate.  However, something felt right about this and sometimes that's how things happen when you're not looking for them "they come to you".  So needless to say it's been such an amazing experience, such a time of growth and dedication to something that is to the benefit of our family. 

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