Thursday, November 19, 2015

60 seconds

How many times do you hit the snooze button? I think at times I can set my alarm like 2 hrs ahead and hit the snooze for the next 120 minutes... Seriously I can be worse than a kid.  So not good when you're trying to teach your kids to wake up and specially be greatful and in a good mood when you wake up. Dang it's hard, they see my every move, so I try to wake up on time and maybe hit the snooze once or twice.  But when it really comes down to it and your kicking your own ass because you're at the red light turning into the park and ride and the beast is coming! Here comes the ----- bus and your stuck!!! Good grief it's crazy!!! You get mad so mad and you can't get mad at the bus. You hit the damn snooze when you should have woken up on freaking time.  Well, well let's not be so easy on the bus, but yes! the bus is at fault (very often) it's late, there's construction going on in certain streets that obstruct the bus route, and I chalk it up to a crapshoot every morning.  EVERY morning is different whether I hit the snooze or not.  Traffic and the bus is just unpredictable.  So I try not to stress anymore and worry myself to death telling myself: had I not hit the snooze, had I not shaved my legs (yes gross I know) I do shave my legs in winter. So bottom line "every minute counts in large amounts" (If this is reminding you of a depeche mode song - you're cooler than you think) back to the post... Should I have done a pony tail on the girls rather than a braid, should I have made my coffee at home and not gone through the drive thru.  Seriously it is what IT IS.  Even when I give myself a big cushion like today: there's this ----> TRAFFIC out of no effing-where! There's traffic everywhere you turn.  Did they give  drivers license to everyone? Every age, literally!!! Seems like every human owns a car and saturates every artery in the city. 


Bla bla bla... So I can't control what's out of my control.  All I could do and hope for every morning is that everyone is safe and sound where they are supposed to be, my girls come first and they do need to show up decent to grandmas or school, so if I have to braid their hair and get them spiffy, even if I sometimes look disheveled, well that's nothing a huge makeup bag can't fix on the bus, right?


So in a nutshell as much as I try to have a routine every morning and be out at the same time, it's just unpredictable... 

Buying coffee or making my cup of joe at home is always the question, either way - once im on the bus and sit back and enjoy I begin to feel hopeful to take on what the day brings... Cheers to all you commuters and "hit the snooze-button people" out there. 


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