Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

It's been a few weeks since I've written anything here, it's been nothing but non stop, then again when is it at a stand still with no speed bumps, right?  Watching how busy this time of year can stress anyone out, but some how it's slowed down a bit, this year I tried not to stress myself out.  My main goal was simple yet powerful.  My gift to my girls, my husband and myself was to experience a beautiful Christmas Eve service at church.  How powerful and best gift ever to spend it with my family and experience what Christmas is really about.  So rather than shopping and buying everyone gifts including the dogs like it's been in the past, I've been trying to limit all of that and keeping it simple, keeping it meaningful.  For that I'm Thankful, it was a blessed Christmas Eve and a super relaxing Christmas Day, lounging around in pjs with my little crew and eating all day.  Last night was a beautiful service, amazing to listen to "joy to world" and other Christmas songs played with violins.  Really felt like we were in a beautiful concert hall.  So bottom line for me something that unfortunately I learned as an adult, that the real reason for this season is really not about the gifts, right? It's about the love that was sent from God, that He sent his only begotten son to save us, so that we may have the gift of life, of eternal life. The best gift of all. 

 Here's a few shots from yesterday afternoon, last night at service and this morning...
Spreading the cheer with our neighbors who are always so kind and giving over the last few years.  We give them a Christmas card and cookies or a dessert 
In Christmas Eve.  Super nice and refreshing to have great neighbors who also love the Lord. 

Last night at Christmas Eve's service, a quick selfie before worship began and the beautiful violins began to play. 


The girls received lots of sweet gifts from family and friends, these life size dolls are bigger than them.  They are too cute! 

From the biggest toys to these Itty bitty shoes for their mini Elsa and Anna dolls.  I quickly got some ziplock bags and labeled them.  Hope they don't loose these little shoes.  They have been playing all day.  Their faces with such love and happiness just melt our hearts.  Our hearts couldn't be fuller thanks to our loving savior who teaches us His unconditional love and mercies.  God Bless everyone and Merry Christmas 

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