Thursday, November 12, 2015

Simple + special

The day started off a little slow, we had the day off (insert crowd cheering sound here).  So excited that my oldest even skipped school today and we didn't inform a soul.  I usually call to let them know if she has to miss.  But not today, we slept in.  Life was good. It was weird as we drove around today everywhere we turned there was a crowd, I haven't been keeping up with the sales ads but I'm sure it had to do with it being Veteran's Day.  My husband isn't big on his birthday celebrations so we usually lay low or try to be out of town.  It helps that we get to be off on his Bday/veteransDay.  So the girls and I treated him out to breakfast, with all the ruckus we would have made trying to cook up breakfast there was no suprising him.  In a nutshell today was very low key and simply special. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

We usually travel with lots of crayons and stuff to keep them entertained.  That's a must and usually they want to bring the kitchen sink so it helps that they know what will be entertaining. 

Rule of dining out:
There's no more drawing or messing around as soon as the food arrives.  
I've learned that barbie hair and crayons dipped in ketchup aren't either cute or tasty. 

Who's really counting calories!?  The girls were suprised by our sweet server with this super chewy, moist and most delicious brownie covered in icecream and whip cream.  It wasn't even their birthday.  

While my husband and the girls looked around the entire store, I found a mirror. (Of course) doesn't everyone stop to take a picture in the mirror?   

After breakfast and a little window shopping we went home and they all took a nap... So I was able to use the excuse that I went shopping for a cake but somehow they don't sell cake in here. Haha! 

After I looked everywhere inside Homegoods for a cake I was reminded that they sell cake at the grocery store... Duh! But my trip wasn't in vain... Hello!!! notice this cute cake stand.  I mean, you can't have cake without a cake stand. Right!? 

I was about to put stuff away but couldn't help but take a picture of the cake stand I got him for "his" birthday for "his" cake and this cute little creamer dispenser in the shape of a little milk box. (Score!)

Was this a special birthday or what? 

Bean salad recipe:
1 Can of kidney beans
1 Can of garbanzo beans 
1/2 a bunch of chopped parsley
1/4 of a large red onion, thinly sliced
Few spoons of olive oil 
Juice from a large lemon
Salt. & Pepper to taste

Mix everything in a bowl.
So fresh and tasty! 

Peace out! Hope you all had a great Vererans Day. 


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