Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Viola! hair reality

Waking up in the mornings on days when I'm getting my hair done for some reason feel to me like I'm going out of town, that's the kind of excitement that happens here. It's true. It's the little things like a new toothbrush or a hot cup of coffee. Big nerd! So here I am on my way can't contain myself.

So usually these are my request when getting my hair colored or cut or both.

1. I want it low maintenance

2. I want a bit of texture so when it air dries my hair looks like it has something going on, a curl a flip of some sort

3. Very Low maintenance

4. I want to be able to walk out of the shower, towel dry it, comb it and let's get going (I guess that's low maintenance... Right???) 

5. I don't want it to fade quick and loose it's color 

6. And if it fades, I want it to fade into a shade where it looks like it was meant to be like that (God im Picky!) can't stand myself. 

7. I think that's about it.  Reality is: I'm lazy when it comes to curling, ironing, blow drying and especially adding products.  To me, it defeats the purpose of clean hair (so what - that's my opinion) so the less of everything that goes on my hair the better for me.  

One thing to keep in mind is that when you take pictures to your hairdresser, is that everyone has different hair texture, everyone's hair might take color differently too.  I learned this the hard way when I was younger and I got a perm on my bangs only.  I wish I would have had a picture.  To say I looked like a poodle is... Well it's the damn truth.  Although a poodle would have been way cuter.  I had to use tons of hair spray and and gel to keep the beast plastered down.  Never again! So yeah with that said.  Choose a hairdresser that is honest and will let you know what looks good and what doesn't fit your face or hair capabilities.  Wish they would have told me "you don't get a perm just on your bangs". That was back in the early 90's haha! Think I was high on Mountain Dew and heavily into MTV in those days.  You know as you read this you've done something pretty stupid to your hair too. Don't lie! Lol! 

...So fast forward 20 years later and here's my bayalage results! Which I LOVE!!! And this caramel tone I think gives my skin some warmth too.  Happy to have found the sweetest hair stylist who's been a pleasure to sit in her chair and have great conversations and sip on coffee and she's been such a blessing in my life.  

And the day after (pre wash)... 

Do share what are your favorite color-treated hair products? 

...signing out! -peace!


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