Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Day

We used to be able to just go with it and pick up and go when we felt like it (before kids - duh of course) now everything needs a little more planning.  You need clothes, shoes, toothpaste, travel entertainment, the doll, the stuffed bunny (aka Cottontail) etc... Before kids you can just buy stuff for two, go to the mall or target and get a few things here and there maybe even share a toothbrush (don't judge me) if my husband is reading this; now he knows I use his toothbrush from time to time.  (Insert mischievous emoji here) 


So this past weekend we did just that: 


no snacks, no extra outfits, no extra this and that, 20
Pairs of shoes between my girls and I, while my hubby can wear the same pair the whole weekend.  

And we didn't anticipate the weather to be on the gloomy side and so when we arrived to visit my lovely brother and sister in law.... (Drum roll...) half that stuff I thought I packed never made it in my duffle bag, I found it in a nice little pile once we made it home. 


The girls each had a back pack and I put clothes in there for them and it was replaced by toys, books and a new set of play-doh.  So we tried to get creative with what we had rather than spending money we didn't really need to.  I mean they're kids right?  Although we did attempt to shop and I didn't find anything I was crazy about that warrant a new outfit.  


What we all had was fine.  Not trying to impress anyone anyway. I wish I had more but was trying to soak in the moments with my little family and brother in law and sister in law who have been so gracious in having us over and always so hospitable, love them to pieces! 

My angels.  Sometimes.  The three-nager and 15 year old.   


Awesome terrace at their new place! Such dreamy areas and amenities.  We might just become neighbors one day. Lol! It's a beautiful place. 


This is in the playroom, with awesome old school gaming machines, ping pong table and pool table. 
Wishing I was a kid again! This would be my hang out.


The common areas had Starbucks coffee - self serve! (Hallelujah)   Beautiful seating areas like these awesome love seats and the coolest coffee table books



I got one model and one sprinter.  They really enjoy when we have visited in the past and really love being out and about (mmm they must be mine) 

Oh and did I mention I love to ride in the back seat with my girls for no particular reason?  When they were younger I would sit in the back and feed them, hand them snacks, when they were new born, checking if they're breathing, making sure they don't have anything that can possibly be a choking hazard... You know the stuff we moms do... Now I just like sitting in the back because we are choffeured around... Okay that's the reason! It just clicked I knew there was one!

So cheers to last weekend and many more to come and man that free coffee!!!!!

P.S. Brother in law and sister in law:  you rock! We are super proud of you, We love you and see you soon! 



  1. Lovely post!! You and your babies are beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much! and thank you for stopping by and commenting ;o)


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