Friday, June 3, 2016

When great minds come together = Maguba

I had been looking for a while for the perfect clogs, when I was younger I had a pair of clogs that were slip-ons, but they were total knock off style of the an original Swedish clogs.  The slip-on part was fabric, held by the studs on the sides and well at least the wood was real.  I can't even remember where they came from (hand-me downs?) But nonetheless I was pretty cool, a happy tween in my little wanna be clogs.  I always thought about owning a nice pair and then the wait was over when I came across Maguba clogs.  

Three young friends from Sweden, Italy and Mexico came together to reinvent the classic Swedish clog.  So glad they met and their creative minds came together with such stylish and comfortable shoe. 

The craftmanship and quality of the leather, the colors, the styles the creativity.  I really think I want every single pair, I am in love with these  and so many more.  This week I felt like a kid at Christmas when the presents are waiting under the tree except when you're an adult they come to you delivered by the nice postman (insert hallelujah emoji - if there's one).  


How stinking cute is this navy pair with a nice sheen to it... (Like a pewter, but not really, more like an awesome navy sheen).  


The sun was setting so we had to get a few pictures with natural lighting, because it's the best right?



Twinning with my oldest daughter --- dying here! So dang cute! 


Just an extremely happy Maguba clog owner here! 

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