Friday, August 5, 2016

Dribble, dribble & more dribbling

Holding a pretend basketball on Wednesday at the park got me feeling all sorts of ways, I honestly forgot what it felt like to even bounce a ball.  We made a fake basket out of some paper bags and game was on.

|showing her how to hold and position herself - took a while to get to to have feet shoulder width apart|

|and boom, just like that she was impressed| 

Back in my days I used to play in a team since my 3rd grade class in Mexico... To playing all through elementary, junior high and highschool.  I never realized in my adult years what I was missing.  So I took myself last night to get me a ball.  I ended up getting a pink and white one.  Good for outdoors.  My girls thought it was for them when I came home.  are sure going to think "it's for them" it's the little things guys, I forgot that part of me.  I forgot how liberating and how good it used to make me feel to walk on a court and get a team going, to play scrimmage games, to make a 3 pt shot.  That was my jam.  Not too long ago in a box in the garage I found one of my basketball shoes I used to wear my freshman year.  Are you kidding me, in those new Nike basketball shoes I thought I was the shit!  Seriously, they were high tops, had a quilted texture and stitching on the inside of the shoe and the Nike symbol was a navy blue.  I only saw one shoe in the box and ended up throwing it away.  Who knows where the other could have been.  For a second I thought why am I even holding on to these, this is more than 20 years.  (That's nuts to even say that because I look like I'm 18 people! - just kidding).  

So I tossed the one shoe in the trash.  (Sad face) I had been going through a phase of trying to get go of stuff.  So much cool stuff was sent to goodwill.  (Oh well!).  So last night I was that mom dribbling all through the kitchen and at some point I thought.. "Oh well if I hit something or break something, a big fat - OH WELL". I was living a little y'all it was awesome.  Now my daughters weren't that impressed, they really wanted me to spin the ball on the tip of my finger.  I explained how mami can play, but just can't do the tricks you know?  You gotta be real with the kids.  They see stuff on TV and think we're all capable.

|Went to Big 5 on a whim last night before they closed|

|much needed baller feeling|

|the one I took home - because it's so dang cute|

Needles to say, Last night for a split second in between getting them to brush their teeth, getting them to bed and dribbling in the kitchen like a mad woman; I have to say last night was pretty AWESOME in my book.  Maybe that's what I need after a long days at work, a suck ass commute, I need to dribble the damn ball!!! Boom! Moral of the story:  go to Big 5 while they're on sale and get a ball! Dribble your heart out!  Now I need to just get out to the park and shoot some hoops.  Make a friend or two and get a game going.  Who needs a point guard? 

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