Sunday, August 7, 2016

Let's play pretend

Today was an earlier start than the usual for our little household (for a weekend).  During the week it's running around since 4:30 am sometimes 5:30 am depending on how many times I hit the darn snooze button.  Snooze button is my friend.  Best thing ever.  It's like a gentle call, again and again.  We ran some errands, haircut for the hubby, breakfast on the go and then we were off... Boom! Pretend city here we come. 

Ok so back to my point:  We were invited to a birthday party at Pretend City Museum  (if you haven't been there, Omgeee you have to) I was living under a rock.  Thought I knew all the cool kid spots.  Apparently not.  This was just the cutest place ever.  Great place for a bday party.  

Literally the name says it all, it has pretty much what every city has to offer and it's all kid size and for kids, if you can picture a mini city with mini kids ruling the place? That's exactly what this was.  With a pretend Ralph's market, a taco restaurant, post office, a kaiser permanent, dentist office with a kiddie waiting area and way more.  

Teach them early how to pump gas lol! After all half the time it's trying to get them from point A to point B cause after having kids we are just the chauffeurs right?
Behind the scenes at the taqueria, chaos!!! Need to call in chef Ramsey up in this joint. (Chef Ramsey? Is that his name? Hell's Kitchen?) anyone remember that? Yes, No? Ok I'm old. 

Learning about soil and the veggies that grow in the ground

I ordered tacos from this girl and clearly she had to make an important phone call. I'm gonna yelp this place.  Service wasn't all that.  Those huaraches though! All the heart eyes for these itty bitty feet

Apply pressure to the pretend ouchie on my knee while they also check my pressure.  These girls are really showing off their teamwork and their divide and conquer skills.  Impressed patient here.  These kaiser doctors rock 

This wasn't me saying "aww this is awesome, have a blast" this was really me "you better not get your clothes dirty".  Yes I can be one of those moms.  Because seriously my girls want to change - I don't even know how many freaking times in a day-  and it's not that cute - washing loads and loads of clothes.  The goal is that I hope they wear something at least 2 times if it's not soiled.  We're in a drought too remember? And.... Ain't no body got time for that!!!  

There are many more exhibits that I didn't photograph, I was trying to enjoy and stay in the moment and also not loose a kid or my husband with the kids, honestly I was so messed up on Benadryl because my allergies were on fleek that I had to and of course I was drowsy and groggy and just wanted to find a spot and close my eyes.  But I powered through and well that's all folks.  Hopefully next time I go I will take better pictures.  

Special shoutout to our friends and the beautiful birthday girl for for allowing us to be part of such a special birthday celebration.  We had a blast and will be returning for more fun soon.  

If you want a virtual tour of the museum and get more information click here: 
Pretend City Museum


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